Synonyms:Himegoto, Hi Me Go To}


Aired:Dec 29, 2001

Genres: Hentai

Score: 6.34

Download: Click Here


Takashi has a loving girlfriend, but when it comes time to do the dirty deed, he finds himself unable to perform. On a train ride following this incident, Takashi discovers his teacher, Misaki, getting touched by a subway groper. Strangely though, instead of getting upset, Misaki seems to be enjoying it. And much to his own surprise, Takashi does too.

Thus begins Takashiƒ??s journey as a pupil to his teacher in a most carnal sense when they meet on the train every morning. As he explores his desires with his teacher, Takashi becomes a more confident lover. But will his new knowledge help Takashi become closer to his beloved girlfriend? Or scare her away?





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