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Corporate Advisory

Strategic Alliances


Mergers &


Our team members are world famous corporate governance experts, with decades of track record in Fortune listed global companies

Roper monitors Key Performance Indicators at 3-week intervals, adjusting strategies as needed.

We organize and facilitate international strategic alliance delegations

We are proud of our top ranked & award winning corporate growth in USA

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We are corporate governance experts and advisers in corporate governance, accelerated corporate growth, international strategic alliance, technology strategy, market growth, corporate competitive strategy.

We are experts in corporate level marketing strategy, business development, strategic joint venture, working with the board of directors, CEO and other C level officers, and joint venture with companies like yours to collaborate for the corporate implementations.
I3 World has track record of some of the fastest growing companies in USA.

Verticals: Telecommunications, Wireless, Mobile, Servers & Data Centers, Big Data, Green Energy: Solar, LEDs & Luminaries, Smart Grid, Energy Efficiency & management, Wind, Waste to Energy, Algae Farms, Biotech, Healthcare, Nano, Electronics Components & Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks, Aerospace, Education, Video Games, 3D and Animation, Engineering & Construction

We would be interested in a Joint Venture / Strategic Alliance on projects and customer acquisition.

This requires interface with your CEO and other  level officers of your company to establish a Joint Venture agreement.

You may coordinate a phone conference call and a follow up meeting between us and your CEO.



Dr. KRS Murthy, ICubed.Murthy@Gmail.Com or call (408)-464-3333

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  • Corporate Governance Advisory
  • Outside / Independent BOD
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Corporate Financing: VC, Angel
  • Private Equity Infusion
  • Strategic Alliances
  • j
  • Joint Ventures
  • International Delegations
  • Technology Infusion
  • Patent Road Map

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Accelerated Corporate Growth

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